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Why rent a car with driver?

To ensure a highly selected professional and prestigious traveling with a car with all the comforts.

When can I apply for?

Whenever you want to prompt a shift in a car of prestige. When you want to plan your trips before arriving on site or whenever you need an official car with a professional driver.

How much does the service cost?

Depends on the car you want to rent, distance to go, how many people are, and the transfer time required ... but certainly less than many of our competitors.

How can I pay?

Directly from the site by completing a valid order through the PayPal system, or Pay Cash to our driver.

What do you mean by Rome City Center?

The area including Rome within the Mura Aureliane. The Mura Aureliane were city walls built between 270 and 275 by the Imperatore Aureliano to defend Rome, the capital of the empire from attacks of the barbarians. They are the old city walls longest best preserved in the world along with the Walls of Nanchino in China.

How can I make a reservation?

From our menu, you can easily navigate the site and reserve service, choosing the car and the time of your choice.

Can I cancel or change my booking?

You can change your booking within 24 hours of the start of the service. Contact us via e-mail or by telephone, after the deadline can not make changes to the order placed.

The price shown is per person or per car?

Prices are always per car, not per person. And 'possible to transport a number of people up than on the reservation. Also pay attention to the number of bags you indicated at the time of booking, a larger number may cause technical problems of load.

The fixed price 'all inclusive or are expected to pay extra?

According to our policy the price and press' fixed, with no hidden costs, then you pay the price. Our e 'hire a car with driver, so the price and' predetermined, the cars do not have meter, you know first how much you spend. The program automatically calculates a surcharge of 20% only for the hours of the night.

have to tip the driver?

Since the rate includes all tipping is not mandatory, but if you are happy with the service received and would like to thank the driver, it is not forbidden to do so.

Can I pay by Bank Transfer?

Yes Please indicate your preference richiedento a quote by e-mail (, we will respond quickly to indicate our IBAN for payment. At the time of booking we will send you a confirmation email. The transfer must be received by us at least three days before the start of the service.

Can I get a receipt?

Our e-mail or our confirmation Voucher is your receipt (invoice must expressly request - extra charge 10% VAT)

What happens if I arrive with additional luggage not specified at the time of booking?

If the number or volume of your baggage changes, you may want to change your booking, because you may need a different car or larger. Since the rate depends on the number of passengers and the number and volume of luggage, you may be subject to changes will be handled directly with the driver.

I can carry large items such as wheelchairs, bicycles or skis or surf?

It is recommended to specify this requirement by sending an e-mail (, we will answer recommending a type of reservation appropriate to its needs. In these cases and 'necessary to provide the use of a larger car for the transport of these objects. In this way, our driver will be 'with the right vehicle.

have small children, I can have the safety seat?

Certainly. After the reservation request the number of seats you need, indicating your reservation number. The driver will arrive properly equipped.

What happens if I can not find the driver?

You can call the agency directly territorial jurisdiction indicated in the email confirmation and get assistance.

left something in the car, you can recover it?

Please contact our reservation center with the data of your reservation and information about the lost, our staff will strive to recover and give him up. The home delivery service is subject to payment of a fee to the carrier with respect to our headquarters in Rome.

I requested a mercedes and instead came a audi, why?

It may happen that at the time of booking that specific model of vehicle requested is not available. Transfer Shuttle Tour will provide the service with a car of the same level that you have booked.

How long the driver waits for me to my appointment?

The driver will wait for up to an hour after the actual time of booking. The driver will call the phone number shown on the booking form and only if you will not be able to contact you will leave the meeting place agreed. In this case the service will be charged fully. If you have problems calling the telephone number provided on the booking confirmation or voucher, so that we can give directions to the driver to wait longer.

How do I request a quote for a transfer service or a personal tour?

In the contacts menu there is a special form to fill out to request any custom quote


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